CrewZine Issue # 1 is out now

Some other skateboarders and myself have decided to start a skateboard newspaper and we just released the first issue, we will be having videos to go with each issue as well. check out the first video here for summer 2013 and then get yourself a copy of the newspaper.

CLIPS - a skateboard video

It was a long time in the making, but now its online and ready to watch, have a look! This past Saturday there was a premier held in St.Catharines for the video, and we successful raised $250 to go towards 'Skateboarding Changes Lives', a non-profit organization that is determined to build a Do It Yourself style skateboard park on the island of Barbados! The goal is to raise upwards of $10,000 dollars to build an awesome park for the local skateboarders on the island in hopes of progressing the skateboard community, and help keep the community going strong, evolving, and not die out. Thanks to everyone that came out, your support and generosity won't be forgotten!

CLIPS coming very soon!

Clips was mainly shot during spring 2012, the idea for the video was to mix skating with funny film clips spliced into it here and there… filming was interrupted momentarily due to an injury, but the video is made up of footage filmed in 2011, 2012, 2013. I tried to skate myself and get as many clips in there as I could as well in the process. The video was mainly shot on a Sony Vx-1000 with a mark 1. It was mainly shot in BC and Ontario, as well as Arizona. The video was shot, edited , directed by: Mike Graveline The audio was done by: Jamie Watson Graphics and Titles: Alex Chrushank Other Footage Shot by: Blake Hannahson, Corey Gagnon, Will Blakely, Cory Wilson, David Paris, Adam Hopkins, Mikey Williams, Markus Neudstader, Kevin Lowery Video Features: Aazam Anis, AJ McCallister, Brent Robert Wingrove, John Bergsma, Bill Murray, Danny Hagge, Geoff Clifford, Cory Wilson, Chris Tucker, Dave Kerr, Dallas Ives, Geoff Dermer, Desmond Hootsie, Drew Merriman, Danny Fuenzilida, Gandlf the Grey, Adam Hopkins, Jamie Boddie, Jesse Landen, Joe Dion Buffalo, Chris Johnston, Corey Klim, Andrew Wenckstern, Kevin Lowery, Magnus Hanson, Markus Neustaedter, Marty Murawski, Mike Graveline, Nelson Conway, Corey Gagnon, Brendan Williams Cahill, Chris Connelly, Will Ferrell, & Will Blakley. There is a premier planned for Saturday, February 9th in St.Catharines, get a hold of Mike Graveline on Facebook for more details. The Video will be posted online February 11th.

Skateboarding in Barbados

A few months ago I was fortunate enough to get to travel to the beautiful island of Barbados, while I was there I got to spend lots of time skateboarding with the locals on the island and one day we held a contest, and another day we had a little video premier. All round it was an amazing time and really reminded me about the essence of what skateboarding is all about and the positive vibes it can add to life. I was very fortunate to meet the amazing people I did while I stayed there and I was so moved by the skate scene there that I have decided to make a short documentary film showing the skateboarding scene of Barbados, in hopes that through awareness the scene can evolve and maybe in the near future the skateboard community will be blessed with a skateboard park. Here is a short trailer for the documentary film I am working on.

CLIPS! coming soon.

Back in 2011, I was filming for my next skateboard video project when an unexpected accident caused me to tear my ACL and forced me to give up skateboarding for a little over a year. Now the time has come to finally release that video.. The video is called CLIPS and I will be posting more info as the release gets closer, but for now here is a short teaser, Enjoy!

January Skateboarding

Normally around this time of year, you are greatful if you can get a dry day to go skate outside, well this past weekend, we were blessed with 2 back to back days of sunshine and 16 degrees. This brought a lot of skaters out of Hibernation and we ended up having a 14 person session at one of the oldest parks in the area that my friends and I grew up skateboarding at roughly 10 years ago. Special thanks to Blake Hannahson for taking some awesome pictures! Here's some of my favourites from the day,
There are more on his tumblr page, check 'em out!

Cardiel in Canada

I was fortunate enough to get to meet John Cardiel this past Thursday at Flatspot skateshop in Hamilton, On.
I have never met somebody as stoked, wild and wacky and happy to be alive as much as this guy.
It was an honour to meet him, I told him how his part in Sight Unseen inspired me for years, and I thanked him for the constant inspiration. Then I asked him if I could take a picture of him, to which he replied, 'Of Course!' He proceeded to stick his tongue out at me and make other funny faces, giving me a photographer's dream come true of a mini photoshoot. However, I was fumbling around with my flash and did not manage to snap a photo until he was finished making funny faces, and was smiling. Although I missed an epic shot of Cardiel having a good time, making faces, it was an honour to meet him and I still managed to get a decent picture!
All Hail Cardiel!

CLIPS! Coming Soon...

The next project I am currently working on is called Clips! The video is comprised of all the footage I have captured with my VX-1000. Stay tuned for a trailer coming soon! In the meantime, check out this awesome video made by sk858, giving you a closer look at the vx-1000.

DTPVX1000 from SK858 on Vimeo.

Remember Mike Day

It has been 5 years since the passing of Michael Shane Day. Mike was a great friend. He was always having fun and he loved skateboarding more than anything in the world. Mike spent time in Ontario and Vancouver, and made many acquaintances through the process. If you're one of these people,or knew Mike in any way, come out on November 10th and lets skate and have fun in honour of our friend.

Morgan Hystad - Soul to Sole - Axion Footwear

The commercial for Axion Footwear with Morgan Hystad, talking about the Heritage Shoe, is now online, check it out on YouTube or Hellaclips Enjoy!

Time for some Axion!

I was Fortunate enough to work on a 'Soul to Sole' commercial for Canadian Axion Footwear's Morgan Hystad. In this short clip, he gives us a few reasons why he likes skating Axion's 'Heritage' Shoe. We shot this clip in Vancouver and it is in the final stages of editing right now... I will post it on here when it is finished. In the meantime, enjoy this still photo I shot while we were out filming one day at the Vancouver Art Gallery.
Tall Crooked Grind.